About Us

About Us

With global vision and fast changing needs of customers, Amtech has established a far sighted corporate identity. The company aims to meet customers expectation in the field of motor control, automation, power quality and industrial electronics Offering leading technologies on global platform.

Amtech started as a solution provider in motor control with AC Drive being the core product. Later Automation became an essential part of motor control solutions. Today, Amtech offers vast product portfolio of motor control products like Variable Frequency Drives, Electronic Soft Starter, Regenerative VFD, Engineered System, Battery Back-up Drives, Medium Voltage Drive and power quality products like Active Harmonic Filter, Wideband Harmonic Filter, Active Front-end Converter, Static VAR compensator. It also provides various services like, application study, energy saving study and ROI, installation & commissioning, training, annual maintenance support, harmonic study, System design, optimization and pay-back analysis, Consultancy for power quality improvement. Amtech is well known for its unmatched competitive service support.

The company is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and the products comply with International safety, environmental and electro-magnetic standards such as CE, UL and CSA. Equipment and systems are shipped and commissioned on-site only after undergoing stringent in-house 100% testing.

Company Origin
AMTECH was incorporated in 1987 with a factory located at Electronics Zone, Gandhinagar. The commercial production came into force from 1991.

We are in the business of developing green technology and manufacturing products in the field of Industrial Electronics for mutual benefit of our customers, our community and our stake holders.

Quality Policy
We are committed to comply with the requirements of the quality system, that we have created to make our products and services to satisfy our customer. To improve the effectiveness of the quality management system we identify our QUALITY OBJECTIVES to guide us in up-gradation of our product technology, have our ever-increasing market share in global market and improve customer satisfaction with passage of time. The quality objectives shall be periodically reviewed for their suitability.

Corporate Quality objectives

  • To ensure total customer satisfaction through effective pre and post sales support
  • To deliver quality products on time and consistently.
  • To grow our presence in global market.
  • Cost reduction through elimination of waste in all business processes.
  • Up-gradation of manufacturing technology and skills.

AMTECH'S Strength

  • Innovative solutions designed, developed and manufactured by Indians for the world supporting "Made in India"
  • Manufacturing excellence, fast turn around and best uptime provider in the industry
  • Over 35 years of experience, highly qualified and experienced professionals
  • Prompt and effective Customer Services, network across the country
  • Renowned consultant approval in various industries
  • Wide installation base covering major industries and applications, more than 100,000 installations
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified Quality System
  • ISO 45001:2018 certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System
  • Strong understanding of the Indian and global market
  • Core competence in Power Electronics and customized solutions
  • Competitive pricing

Area of Business

  • Motor Control
  • Automation
  • Power Quality
  • Industrial Electronics

Let us help you protect your facility, improve productivity and profitability. Contact us to learn more or to arrange a professional consultation.